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Chris Davis is the owner and sole Proprietor of Christopher Davis Technology Consulting, a computer consulting service business in Sarasota, FL. The business was first established Venice, FL in June 2005, and later moved to Sarasota when he met his wife. At first he supported Windows and Mac OS X on-site in Sarasota County.

In 2006 he launched (now used for development and testing purposes) and began offering remote support. Later, adding to his Windows and Apple upgrade, repair and support services, he began troubleshooting and fixing computers using a Linux Live CD. He soon realized that desktop Linux could be a suitable alternative for people who were prone to malware and viruses.
During college Chris saw great potential in using open source software; he knew he could save money on software licensing for himself and his clients. With the saved expenses he could then focus on providing solutions that solved his customers' needs rather than on making a quick buck.

After buying a house in 2007, he took a full-time job to make sure the mortgage could get paid. To be honest, being a sole proprietor is hard work and at the time the economy wasn't doing too well. Computer repairs were becoming less common and were truly becoming a throwaway commodity. He knew he needed to offer something extra. Using the same thinking as before, Chris decided to avoid proprietary software such as Adobe Dreamweaver and favored open source Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Wordpress and Joomla. In fact, one of his long time clients was needing to switch website hosting providers, and was using a very old version of Dreamweaver. Wordpress enabled him to maintain his website easily without needing to buy nor install any software.

As a daytime helpdesk technician he learned how to use ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. It was an efficient way to track trouble tickets and build a knowledge base to help solve problems more quickly. At work, the Hepdesk was on a windows server, but ManageEngine was supported under Linux too, and a single technician seat was free! The logical next step was to implement in his own business for cost savings, better customer focus, and to learn more about what is involved with self-hosting a server.

Chris had already replaced a landline with a VoIP service called Vonage, and decided to switch completely to Google Voice which entirely eliminated a monthly landline phone bill. Voicemail transcription to email was a great feature that made following up with customers easier. It still meant he had to manually create trouble tickets. One day, while trying to think of ways to make the helpdesk work harder for him, Chris worked out a way to integrate the voicemail transcription into the helpdesk. What this did was allowed people to leave a message, and a trouble ticket was automatically generated from their voicemail!

Back at the day job Chris was getting Apple certified, learning Active Directory and Account management, on-boarding and training new hires, and learning the Cisco phone system. The company also went through an acquisition with a Canadian company, so their naming conventions switched to an "SRQ" prefix to denote the Sarasota office. SRQ, for those of you who don't know, is the airport code for Sarasota, FL. Chris liked the notion of using 'SRQ' to identify with the Sarasota area so much, in 2012 he decided to re-brand and was born.

As a local small business owner, Christopher Davis believes your name is your identity and your integrity, character, and work ethic should be reflected in it. He is proud of the name he has built for himself, so the decision to re-brand the website was not taken lightly. People know his name, and know his word is his bond. While expanding the service offerings of the business, he wanted a name that not only captured what he does, but also reflected the name of the community that helps to support him.
SRQHelpDesk seemed to be a logical fit combining the recent integration of the help desk system the city he calls home - Sarasota - (also known to many as "SRQ").

"I believe in being open and honest. I think everyone's needs are served best when there is nothing to hide, and we all share our ideas with one another. Everyone wins when we hold everything that is near and dear to us to the highest possible standards."


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